Piet Moget

1928 - 2015



2014 50 x 50 cm Oil on canvas


2013 30 x 30 cm Oil on canvas


2005 50 x 50 cm Oil on canvas

Biography of Piet Moget

Piet Moget (1928-2015) was, until a late age, in the habit of painting on the quay of the port channel in Port-Nouvelle, southern France, from his small van, which also served as storage space. A seawall with boulders in front of the canal, these blocks reflect in the water, at the top of the dam one can imagine the sea and the sky. For years this was one of his favorite 'pitches', along with his half-open outdoor studio 'the Cabane' behind the beach on the water of the Mediterranean Sea. Every morning he painted there, because Moget remained a painter who works outside. He questioned the light and the space.

The central theme of his work is catching the light in the reflection of the water and the sky. The subject is the canal, the dam, the sea and the space around it.


Just for a few weeks

21 October - 11 November 2017 Fall Exhibition

Jan Andriesse, Piet Moget and Jurriaan Molenaar

12 September - 10 October 2015


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