Jan Commandeur



Grosthuizen III

2013 50 x 95 cm Oil on canvas

Zachte val

2010 102 x 66.5 cm Collage on paper


2003 60 x 110 cm Oil on canvas

Biography of Jan Commandeur

"Just as the elements can determine the lightness or heaviness of a mood, I keep trying to use nature as a metaphor for my attitude to my work.

I look at nature, I "behold". That produces a memory, a memory image. For me, that image in my memory is reality. A memory of a natural image thus becomes the rhythm of a new painting. I try to capture the poetry of a clear moment, a moment that is seen, because it is recognized. Beautiful or not beautiful.

A dark foliage can thus be synonymous with - a metaphor for - something transient, something gloomy. This is always in contrast with something that can reinforce that posture, in this case something light that gives the foliage more character due to the contrast.

The composition is of great importance and only arises after a long look. In this process the unruly nature inherent must be overcome. And oil paint, as a difficult material to work with, is a natural partner for me. Once the image is in place, the painting also has the shine it deserves.

The collages combine the painted reality with parts of photos that show a different reality in a different way. And in that contrast enhance the painted image. "


Jan Commandeur | Paintings and works on paper

11 December 2015 - 5 February 2016


Borzo Publication | Newsletter 47