On October 30 and 31, from 1-6 pm, BorzoGallery will festively open the doors of its new gallery space with a solo exhibition herman de vries.

This summer herman de vries celebrated his 90th birthday, an occasion for the L.A.C. museum (Lieu d'Art Contemporain), located in the south of France, to dedicate an exhibition to this outstanding artist – a long-cherished wish.

The artist's idea was to pay special attention to the triptych in his oeuvre. The result has exceeded all expectations. His chosen starting point, the building and the location near the sea, turned out to be a wonderfully successful match and led de vries to say that this exhibition is one of the best realized in his oeuvre.

We are pleased – and a little proud too – that we have been able to realize this French exhibition in close collaboration with Layla Moget of the L.A.C. and the artist. Partly due to the enthusiasm of the artist himself, this was the perfect reason for us to transfer parts of this exhibition to Amsterdam for the opening of the new gallery space on the Keizersgracht. A catalog was published on the occasion of the French exhibition, which also serves as a guideline for the exhibition in Amsterdam.

hdv 3 herman de vries suzuki essays on zen buddhism I colored pencil on paper 61 x 86 cm 3 luik detail
herman de vries, suzuki, essays on zen buddhism I-III, 2009-10
colored pencil on paper, triptych; each part 61 x 86 cm (detail)