April 26-29, 2017
Art Cologne | Stand A1

We are showing a couple of beautiful reliefs and some rare drawings by Jan Schoonhoven. herman de vries is present with a 1989 very large collage of fallen leaves "unter der birke", which is caracteristic for his entire oeuvre: randomness and chance. 

By Ewerdt Hilgemann there are two white reliefs from the sixties and a couple of "implosion"-sculptures amongst a very recent high gloss "Slim column".

Ronald de Bloeme is using matt and glossy lacquer for his paintings. Most of his work is about commercial, magazine and city streetlife.

Jurriaan Molenaar's work is about Plato's explanation of reality. What are we looking at...?

"Cathedral", an installation by Masha Trebukova shows us her fascination for mediaeval Romanesque sculptures. With her own developed technique of monotype on canvas, all being unique, she has painted musicians, kings, prophets and stories.