BorzoGallery and The Mayor Gallery present
'Jan Henderikse - Facing New Reality'

Jan Henderikse, a Dutch-American citizen, was born in the Dutch city of Delft in 1937. He left his hometown in 1959 for Düsseldorf, Germany and from there he moved to Curaçao in 1962. In 1968 he moved to New York and lived for a few years in the iconic Chelsea Hotel. He embraced New York as his new hometown while maintaining studios in Berlin and Antwerp.

Henderikse was well aware of the new developments in the New York art scene with which he immediately felt an affinity with. In 1962 the legendary Sidney Janis Gallery presented ‘The New Realists’, an exhibition with Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg and George Segal in combination with their European ‘Nouveau Realisme’ counterparts Yves Klein, Jean Tinguley, Arman and Daniel Spoerri. Henderikse knew his European colleagues quite well, having exhibited with them in the early days. They all shared similar ideas and felt the same in creating and welcoming this ‘New Realisme’. For them, no more old-fashioned painting, but instead now facing New Reality.

After all, Henderikse’s ideas originate from the ZERO movement in the late fifties, where they all found common ground in this rejection of traditional painting. Henderikse is a founding member of NUL, the Dutch branch of ZERO, and remained a lifelong friend of the equally Delft born Jan Schoonhoven.

We are proud to present some of Henderikse’s ‘Ready Made’ art objects, especially some of his well-known license plates, the coin reliefs and Polaroid assemblages. And also the famous monumental "crate wall", as shown in the Zero exhibition at the Guggenheim, NY in 2015, is part of our presentation.

Jan Henderikse, Guggenheim, 2014
Jan and Idi Henderikse in front of his "beer wall" at the Guggenheim, NY in 2014