From 24 June to 17 September 2018, the exhibition 'Peripherique' will be on view at the LAC (Lieu d'Art Contemporain) in Sigean, with work by Koen Vermeule and Jurriaan Molenaar.
In the upper room you will find an overview of recent work by Carlijn Mens.

The LAC is housed in an old double 'Cave Viticole' in which the artist Piet Moget, who passed away in 2015, has organized countless exhibitions since 1991 together with his daughter Layla with work by Geer van Velde, Richard Long, Basquiat, Carl Andre, Kieffer, Sol Lewitt, Serra, Erró, Robert Morris, Thomas Ruff, Jan Andriesse, Marlene Dumas and many other artists.

LAC  Peripherique
24 June t/m 17 September 2018
Opened in July and August every day (except Tuesdays) from 3 to 7 pm

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