The book Anywhere Anytime by Masha Trebukova and Antoine de Kom is out!

The book can be ordered from Lecturis Publishing House and is available from BorzoGallery, where the exhibition Celebrating Color by Masha Trebukova can be seen until 4 July.

Disturbing images, news of disasters, terrorist attacks, tsunamis and wars appear daily - in the Middle East, Africa or anywhere else. We are almost used to it. Injustice and oppression have always existed around Masha Trebukova. The Soviet Union, where she spent the first half of her life, was a totalitarian country.

Until recently, Masha didn't tend to paint about injustice and oppression. She believed that art and politics should preferably not be mixed directly. But the annexation of Crimea in 2014, where people who spoke her mother tongue where killed by other people who can also speak her mother tongue, changed that. It was the last straw… she felt she had to do something with the terrible images. Violence and the suffering of others came too close to stay away from it.

As the last in a series of work related to this, Masha made six large books with drawings. These six large 'books' are drawn directly onto six 'glossy' magazines with acrylic paint. During the making of these visual 'diaries' everything on the page took on a different meaning for her. The advertising slogans and the images of consumer goods became mixed with images of war, refugees and executions. These contrasts and the sometimes translucent texts make the drawings even more powerful, with a raw spontaneity. It was a painful period of work for Masha; never before had she felt so directly involved in the subject in her work.

Anywhere Anytime contains a selection from the six books with a poem written especially for this book by Antoine de Kom with a reference to the recent history of Suriname.